Tam-Star’s NFL Pick Em’ ­ Divisional Playoffs


The NFL Wild Card weekend was WILD to say the least. From Tim Tebow and the Broncos win over the Pittsburgh Steelers to Houston winning it’s first ever playoff game, the Wild Card weekend was EVERYTHING. The Wild Card weekend was so unpredictable you may be hard pressed to find one NFL analysts who went 4-0 last week.

Last week I went out on a ledge and almost jumped by picking Denver to beat the Steelers. Luckily, I did not jump as the Broncos lead by Tim Tebow (or God depending on who you ask) pulled out the victory. I wasn’t so lucky with my prediction that the Detroit Lions would do anything other than what they are used to doing, loosing.

This week I am feeling a bit daring and have decided to go with the Broncos again. Eli Manning New York Post Rambeau Packers GiantsYeah, I know it’s a fools bet, but I am a believer. I believe that someone has to take New England out since my AFC East team (The J-E-T-S) are home. The New York Post called Eli Manning “Rambeau,” but the question remains can Eli and the Giants take out…