NFL Superbowl Match up

Steelers vs. Cardinals. ummm :::Pause::: who? Who plays for them, ok  I know about Ben Roethlisberger, everybody knows the Quarterback but whose the star on the Cardinals… crickets? Where’s the history, the rivalry, the compelling off the field stories that will hold us all captive in the 2 weeks before the big game?

While I have my PHD in Hoops, I’m still working on my undergraduate degree in football. When I shared with a friend that I was going to be blogging on the playoffs, the immediate reaction was, what do you know about football?
Answer… while it’s true I don’t know as much about it, I was a cheerleader DAMN IT! I had to at least learn the basics to know when to hit my hurike! From there, its cultivating an interest and watching what unfolds.
My thoughts on this match up: like so many other things taking place in the world right now, change is good. Every great story has to have beginning. Perhaps this unassuming match up will create a new rivalry for years to come. From what I’ve viewed this season, if the Cardinals can keep up their offensive game, it has the makings for a competitive match up. Otherwise, The steelers march right over the Cardinals. Let’s see if I’m right.