NFL 2009 Let’s Get Ready to… teach Jill!

Today is the 1st official Sunday of the NFL season. To quote Comedian Kevin Hart, “2day is “women leave ur man the fcuk alone day”! Get ur talking asses out of the house! Boooom” (via @kevinhart4real)

While there is no man for me to leave alone LOL (Jill is SINGLE). I decided that this will be the year that I take time out to learn a little more about football and share it with my fellow pigskin challenged ilk. Don’t misunderstand, Basketball is and always will be my #1!! But I think it’s time to cheat a little with football. (Plus there’s still 2 weeks to kill before camp opens)

The team I’ve decided to follow is… The St. Louis Rams!!!!! Why? Because growing up in LA, My father was a season ticket holder of the LA RAMS. Going to those games with him are my first memories of football. What??? I’m a girl so yes there will be some warm and fuzzy moments here and you love them! See I still have a commemorative glass from one of the games
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Hey LA doesn’t have a team and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just find the team that has the highest concentration of cute guys! See you in the huddle!