Mixed bag…

Preferably a fly clutch that’s sleek yet textured, something with dramatic random contrasts just thrown together like this post tonight:

– This season’s MVP race looks to be between 3 players. Kobe, LeBron & Dwyane. If you really look at it, I think it should go to Dwyane. Take him off his team and they’re back to the tragedy that was last season. Bron is a close second

– Speaking of last season’s dramas, why is Shaq about to bitch his way off of another team. I love Shaq, future hall of famer no doubt, his on court play speaks for itself. He’s Playing like it’s 2002 and he’s still the big dominant but damn can he just relax for a minute. The jokes aren’t as funny anymore, they go on for far to long and it’s same thing new guard/team. Its time to reinvent your game and off court persona. You’re still stuck 6 years ago. You are older, things change. Dwight is the future. Accept it, love it. I really wish he would stop diminishing his legacy.

– See chicks, I told you its getting crucial out there. First the 200 million dollar loan the NBA secured and teams started confirming their participation in that program. Now, agents are telling clients it’s probably a good idea to sign your extension this summer. The salary cap is going down, a lockout is likely in 2011. You know the owners need help getting themselves out of this mess they put themselves into. So, who loses. The player and by extension you. Get your weight up ladies.

Soooooo I know that in the NBA, on any given night a team can lose. There’s no 82 and 0 season on record. The closest being the Bulls with 72-10. BUT how does a team that’s supposed to be a contender get behind a team that hasn’t put out any effort since 2008? Down by 19 in the 4th to this team? Maybe I need to rethink my MVP rankings. 🙁