Kobe Bryant and the Lakers

Back to this MVP discussion for minute. Its a little ironic that some believe Kobe isn’t as deserving as LeBron. Or by extension, Dwyane Wade. It’s almost as if part of the reason why people don’t want to see him get it is that they believe he has more help surrounding him than the others do.

I don’t agree with that line of thinking. If someone had said 3 years ago Kobe would make it to the NBA finals with Trevor Ariza, Sasha V, L.O. and an aging Derek Fisher, would you have put money on it. Probably not. And yet that’s exactly the position that Kobe is in. Outside of Derek, who has history on his side and Pau, whose always been considered a big talent, who from this squad would you select as your #2 guy? …Yep, that’s what I thought but with Kobe, they look to be headed towards their 2nd straight finals appearance! Currently the Lakers & Cavs are battling it out for the top record in the league this year but L.A. has been comfortably on top for the majority of the season and swept the Cavs in their match ups.
Also, for as much as Kobe has been called a ball hog over the course of his career (especially in the post Shaq era) Kobe & LeBron (who most would never consider a selfish player) averaged about the same assists average, right around 4pg. This season however, LeBron is averaging about 3 more per game.
Kobe is probably the one player that no matter how well he’s producing, people feel obligated to throw a “but” behind any props they have no choice but to concede. If Kobe were playing like Dwyane Wade is now, people would be Crying about selfishness. That’s a textbook example of Basketball irony.
Last word, the NBA sure is crafty with all the St Patricks day fanfare taking place this year. A green Lakers jersey!! Why would the Lakers ever be ok with that. Purple & Gold Kids, even on ST patty’s day. Guess that’s the NBA version of the ides of March LOL. No idea what I’m referring to? Google it. 🙂