DWade, Divorce & STD’s!

Happy 27th Birthday Dwyane Wade! Dwyane is still riding the high of an electrifying performance at this summer’s Olympics, the Heat have bounced back from last season’s  15- 67 season. He’s the league’s #1 scorer, an MVP candidate and endorsement dynamo.

DWade married young and is currently going through a divorce from his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn, mother of his two young sons. They married while still in college. Divorce stats are high for the population in general but, I’m sure if a study was done on professional athletes, those numbers would be even higher.
Dwyane & Siohvaughn’s divorce took a nasty and public turn yesterday as news was released from Siohvaughn’s camp that not only did Dwyane initiated the divorce proceedings, she is alleging  he abandoned his family, his youngest son Zion (1) doesn’t know him, he’s cut her off financially and that he’s given her an STD from his various affairs throughout their 7 year marriage (she wants all the names).  WOW! Now I may lose some of my females with my next comments but… Siohvaughn is wrong! I’m not excusing Dwyane’s actions but, I wonder at what point she realized that he was no longer the man she married. It couldn’t be when he served her with the divorce papers. How many times did she ignore clear signs? Perhaps even get caught up herself in “The Life”? I know, its her husband and I’m quite certain she truly loves (ed) him, if you know their story, they’ve been through so much. But you know what, sometimes we as women would be better served to think like men. Generally speaking in relationships men seem to stand their ground and demand more. Its in our nature to forgive, to nurture, to be that “Down ass chick”.
With this public bashing of Dwyane, I’m sure its coming from a place of hurt that Siovaughn would subject herself to public ridicule by issuing that release. I know in 2009 no topic is sacred and everything is handled via the media. However at some point, your self worth should outweigh the big payback