Dwyane Wade divorce drama – Update

DWade’s soon to be ex wife has removed the STD claim from the court case. The “official reason” was for her children  sake. If you read my previous blog, this was the exact reason I stated she shouldn’t have publicly moved forward with the claim to begin with. You’d think I’d be happy she took this action right?

:::PAUSE::: Clearly you know that’s a trick question merely done for dramatic affect. Did it work? Wrong, Siohvaughn! Now you’ve created an even bigger issue. Dwyane in a savvy PR move has now sued Siohvaughn and her lawyers for “publicly humiliating him and damaging his reputation”. Or in simple terms, screwing with his money. Even though Siohvaughn’s lawyers are still claiming that the accusations are true, removing them from the case will certainly cause people to give her and any claims she makes, the side eye. Now she’s instantly cast in the role of vindictive ex.
Let this serve as a lesson ladies, if you’re going to pull out the big guns make sure you’re ready to keep blasting until your clip is emptied. It makes no sense to shoot yourself in the foot when you were really aiming for the area that keeps his ego in check… his wallet!