Listen up chicks. It’s a recession for ballers too!

I hope those females out there who don’t have goals outside of winning the professional athlete lottery are paying attention to how their game is about to suffer. The “wifey kit” is about to go through a massive restructure just like the banking and auto industries. And just like those industries, the first to go will be the “fun stuff”. Discretionary income is just that, optional

You know reducing your stable by a few, those flights and extra hotel rooms don’t seem as interesting now. Trick off $$ on a few “friends”? Or deal with the local chick that doesn’t mind the post road trip run through? And there YOU are left without a plan. You were working so hard on hooking him that you forgot to nurture what fuels you. We won’t even get into the lack of a five year plan once you’ve gotten into the relationship. At some point you really have to consider that if long term financial security is your goal, maybe that mid level -to- practice squad-end -of -the -bench guy isn’t the best move to make. The reality is, everybody can’t have the Franchise player. There could be a time where you’re making more money than he is and he’s expecting you to hold your “husby” (yes I just made that up) down. And if all you have to show for the time you spent in high pursuit are photos on facebook and a 3 seasons ago Gucci then you failed yourself.
Please don’t perceive this as me hating a female that’s “getting it in”. I’m all for getting out of life whatever it is you’re looking for. But having a Plan A is essential. Too many of us are treating our Plan A like its Plan Z.