Charles Barkley & TNT

I’m sure you’ve heard about Charles Barkley’s DUI arrest and the reasons he ran the stop sign that caused the police to pull him over. For those that don’t, a quick recap:

In the early morning hours of Dec. 31st, Barkley ran a stop sign, and was pulled over. He refused a breathalizer. He informed the arresting officer that he ran the stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up his female companion who had previously given him “the best blow job of his life”
:::Pause::: Former NBA player is JUST now getting the best head of his life!!!  Head so incredible he couldn’t STOP!!! I’ll have to address that topic in a separate blog because THAT is worthy of discussion but I digress
Late last week it was announced that Chuck’s blood alcohol level was double the legal limit and would be taking a “leave of absence” from his broadcast duties at TNT.  Usually in these type of situations some sort of stint in rehab isn’t to far behind.

My question is this, do you think that this formula for retribution of public personalities in trouble truly helps. Don’t get me wrong I’m a firm believer in the benefits of rehab. However it seems in a great deal of these situations it’s a band aid to a problem that MAY not exist but is the PC way of handling embarrassing situations (think back to Isaiah Washington & TR Knight’s Grey’s Anatomy situation). Driving while intoxicated is obviously dangerous but is it fair to assume a person needs therapy for a one time incident? Is “therapy” the only way to retain public support?