NFL Week 9 – Jill’s Highlights

“Sometimes the best way to really see someone is when you’re not looking right at them”

– Jay Z

This week I decided to see how “my” teams would perform when I’m not watching so closely. Actually Time-Warner forced my hand. The games available for broadcast weren’t appealing at all. So while the boys were out on the gridiron trying to prove their worth, I took this opportunity to brunch and get a facial. I did however manage to check in on a few games during my day

  • That Michale Vick is good huh? Vick to Desean Jackson, that’s a highlight we love! Eagles 26- Colts 24
  • Jets 23 – Lions 20. This was an overtime win. The Jets are making me nervous. I did spot my Boo Rex when I saw the last minutes of overtime. I’m thinking a wardrobe upgrade is well overdue. But more on that later.
  • The Giants basically cut the Seahawks heart out 41-7. They must have heard they were on their way to an elimination round with me and stepped it up, good job. Maybe I’ll renew my interest next week.
  • The Cowboys need to start from scratch. Romo is injured, Dez Bryant has no help, The Kardashian affect is wearing off of Miles Austin. ewww, so not appealing for a team that has such a great stadium! Riding with them at this point would be the equivalent to Gold Digging, just in it for the perks. Packers 45 – 7
  • The Chargers beat the Texans 29-23 this was 1 of those local games I couldn’t stomach. I’m just not interested. I’m so sorry it’s me not you… That’s not true, it IS you Chargers but congrats on the win.
  • The Patriots lost to the Browns 34-14… Eh I don’t have any thoughts on this one. 
  • I took a break from my “break” to check out a few NBA games and watch this week’s episode of “Football Wives” if you ever wondered what happens when a Jock goes from the NFL to the UFL or what some of the differences are in the camp, this episode was for you. The emotional and financial toll the transition takes on the athletes and their families was worth the look. Plus the catty stuff too.

There you have it. I finally got rid of some of the competition. That means I’ll be taking an even closer look at those Luvs left on my scorecard. ::Sigh:: Parting is such sweet sorrow… Or more time to watch my True Love, the NBA