NFL Week 5… Jill’s got a theory

Welcome to week 5!!! Every week, I make mention of how Football is trying to seduce me by having some EXCITING play in the 4th quarter that makes me say ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad. I’ll watch again next week. This week was no different…

– 4th Quarter. Broncos (in those putrid throwback uniforms FASHION FAIL!!) broke a 20-20 tie with the Patriots to remain undefeated at 5- 0 Baby!! I don’t really care but it was fun to say it. I tried to watch the whole game but it just didn’t work out

– I waited longer than usual to do my wrap up (it was from lack of inspiration to be honest) but watching Braylon Edwards last night on Monday Night Football not only PROVED my theory once again, at least for me ::tee hee:: but also showed what a man with a chip on his shoulder and a national platform can do! Even though the Jets lost to the Dolphins, Braylon gets a thumbs up from me (and I’m sure a leg in the air or two from the ladies of NYC & NJ to welcome him to the area. Smile you thought it too)

– My Rams… let’s just pray that the NFL doesn’t allow Rush Limbaugh to have anything to do with their ownership, like they need that problem added to what is clearly going to be a LONG season! I think they should just come back to LA!!

– The Giants win again. At least one team that Jill is backing is showing they’re worthy of MY support!

Here’s the top plays from Week 5 in the NFL courtesy of Enjoy: