NFL Week 11 Wrap up

How absolutely appropriate is it that the best game of the week was one that I, A. Couldn’t see and B. Even if I had the option to watch I absolutelyassure you wouldn’t have been on my “must watch” list.
Apparently the DetroitLions & the Cleveland Browns’ game was exciting all the way until the finalminute. The Lions QB Matt Stafford, injured his shoulder but kept throwing touchdowns. Soundslike a script where the unproven rookie finally gets to show he was worth thepick! Great Sunday afternoon entertainment. I find comfort in the fact thatmost in the Detroitarea didn’t get to watch either because of the blackout restrictions the NFLhas. Way to entice the fans, no sellout, no TV. Because we all want to pay fora product so bad nobody wants to go experience it in person. Way to titillate youraudience. Another area the NBA wins, I don’t recall any Clipper blackouts. Optouts, yes but as a fan I have a CHOICE! 

– What happened to the Broncos? The Chargers went into Denver and dismantledthem on National TV in their own house. Blah it was boring; I was over itbefore half time.

– On my 4th quarter stuff again (and because this was the gamethat was on before the Chargers & Broncos) The Chiefs knocked out thechamps in overtime. I know I’m new to this whole NFL thing but aren’t thecurrent champs supposed to seem a little intimidating? Maybe it’s my novice butthe Steelers don’t seem that scary, and shouldn’t they when they’re playing a team that justkicked its best running back off the island??  I’m justmaking an observation.

– Ok let’s pause for a moment. Is it embarrassing when your nakedass ends up on national TV during the Sunday night game? Bears vs. Eagles That’s whathappened to Devin Hester I personally did not see it in the act as the Lakers wereplaying the Thunder and that was WAY more interesting in my opinion but, I gotphotographic evidence which at times is so much better than actually witnessingthe. At least it was smooth right? Right??? Ok sorry.

– Rams. Le Sigh, sucks to be so close yet so far. They ALMOST had this onebecause they are almost all on the same page but then what happens, yourstaring QB Marc Bulger breaks a part of his fibula and we’re back at square 1. Cardinals over Rams 21-13

– Saints & Colts both win. Both are undefeated, the last time 2 teams were both 10-0 at this point in the season. 1990. I don’t know what that means but I LOVE RANDOM STATS!! Sharing is caring!  

– Monday Night Football featured the Texans vs. the Titans. VinceYoung’s homecoming after what I assume has been a rocky off season for him.Sounds like there were tons of side stories. But none that motivated me to payattention for 4 quarters I will however state that Chris Johnson’s dreads areextremely unattractive. But he’s leading the league in rushing so clearly thatsmall detail only matters to me. Titans win 20-17.