Happy Thanksgiving- Food & Football or the NBA?

I was informed yesterday that after giving thanks for your blessings, The Thanksgiving holiday is all about Food & Football. So I tried. REALLLLYYYYY HARD! But this was what I ended up with…

– Allen Iverson announced his retirement on Wednesday. Yesterday, it was mentioned that he might be coaxed out of retirement for the right opportunity. BIG SHOCK. I look at it like this, the NBA is a business, AI is full aware of that fact. At this stage in his career he’s not going to be the piece a team will bend, reshape and restructure for. It’s sad it had to happen this way but I believe Allen will be given a proper send off and definitely should be in the Hall of Fame. But after he’s REALLY RETIRED.

–  NBATV aired the 2000 WCF Lakers vs Blazers game 7. Ironically enough on Wednesday, I was debating who I would cast my vote for in ESPN’s player of decade question. I decided that my selection would be either Kobe or Shaq. Watching this game solidified my choice. Kobe all the way. Reason being. Shaq often rested on talent. Kobe always wanted to win (yes sometimes to the detriment of his team) but he always pushed himself to get better. So while Shaq is the ultimate marketer, Kobe is my player of the decade! Oh the other players listed, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson and someone else who I honestly can’t recall therefore he’s probably not worth the mention.

– The “Let’s-get-Shannon Brown-into-the-dunk contest” campaign is underway! I like it! I do however have 1 request, AGAIN… Just say NO to allowing Kobe to pick the nicknames first Go Go Gadget Calves and now this TNT mess. Remember Shaq does the marketing, you grind Mamba!!

– In case you missed Ron Artest on Jimmy Kimmel, Please check it out. I promise you wont be disappointed! He did the interview in his BOXERS!! ::tee hee:: But it’s not quite as dysfunctional as it sounds, he’s actually entertaining and insightful! We learn Kobe can manufacture steam on cue & only Khole & Lamar can stare at each other and cause lights to flicker from their eyes… Just watch!

Jimmy Kimmel interview Part 1

Jimmy Kimmel Part 2

– Speaking of these two, Have you checked them out in the new Toni Braxton video? Ummm yeah, Shannon is FINE!!!  LOL but him cheating with Brooke Hogan in the video. LAME.

Toni Braxton Video

– The NETS are still winless. Guess we know what’s on their Christmas list.

– If you don’t watch ANY NBA this weekend, the game you should catch is the Thunder vs. Bucks tonight on ESPN! This game wasn’t originally slated for National telecast but was added to the schedule. Why should you watch? It’s the future of the NBA unfolding in front of you! Brandon Jennings vs Kevin Durant, you’ll be able to say you saw it in it’s early stages and impress your friends with your uncanny ability to spot a budding rivalry early on (yeah I know they play different positions but they’re the marquee players on their teams)!  Ladies  you’ll earn brownie points with your boo, you don’t have to watch it with him, just let him know it’s coming on.

– Finally, you know I’m a self professed “Tweet addict” so here’s another video from my favorite Twitter Boy Band, The BROINGTONS (That would be Kevin Durant, Jeff Green & James Harden of the Thunder) You love it because I do!

The Broingtons- Transform YA