SPOTTED: Courtside

If you’ve read the blurb on me, you’ll recall that I described my blog as “Sex & the City meets the Best damn Sports show”. For the most part, I’ve pretty much kept it more on the sports show side and less focus on the “Pink Aura” that girls like me are interested in. Today we’re all pink and fuzzy kids (but still sports related).

Ok, here’s a Jill fact, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the TV show Gossip Girl, great fashion, fun story lines. It works. This is me borrowing one of my fav Gossip girl terms to take a look at the other show that happens during the games…

Last night the Lakers took on the up and coming OKC Thunder (and like the snipers they are, knocked them off with precision but I digress). Right across the street from Staples Center at the Nokia theater @ LA Live, the American Music Awards were taking place. Look who popped over right after his performance in full out ’09 Sinatra swag, Jay Z. I LOVE IT!!

Also Fresh from their AMA performance, the Black Eyed Peas stopped through and even gave an impropteau  performance during a time out. Ok wait, this is LA… better yet Hollywood, what actually took place was evidently filming for a Grammy spot for use early next year. Oh yeah that’s ARod  & BReal from Cypress Hill in the photo as well.
Yes that is Khole Khardashian-Odom, court side. I’m really trying to get a better look at her boots & bag to see if I need to add them to my Christmas wish list. Well probably not the boots, over the knee isn’t really a look that works for me.

Bonus picture because here, her shoes and clutch make me want to do naughty things to them.

From The Chicago Bulls & Denver Nuggets game. Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee’ Lala Vasquez & Serena Williams. I love the color and bangs on Serena!

I also love Serena’s boo Common. Sigh a perfect date night, court side seats, my heart is swooning!!

Ok, 1 more for my inaugural SPOTTED post. Rosie Perez (Do the right thing & Soul Train those are my Rosie reference points) & Brooke Shields at the Knicks game. I wanted Calvin Klein jeans when I was little so I could be in a commercial like Brooke and have my own doll too. YAY for nostalgia!!