NBA TNT Remix – Gilbert Arenas 1st tweet, Thunder musical tribute & Kobe passes Kareem

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

– Last night Kobe Bryant passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become 2nd to Jerry West on the Lakers all time scoring list. Pau returned to the floor and went for 24 pts and 13 rbs as MY (yeah they’re mine again, smile) Lakers whooped the Bulls and also reminded everyone exactly why playing the Lakers should pump a bit of fear into your heart! Joakim Noah had a nice game with a double double, Derrick Rose had 20 points and 6 assists. Let’s hope the Bulls start winning or he finds his shot so he can finally get that haircut! He looks extremely grungy on the floor. ICK
 – The Hornets beat the Suns and there are whispers that they’re a better team without CP3. They’re 2 and 1 since he’s gone out with an ankle sprain and 2 and 2 since Byron Scott was fired. Yeah ok, whatever…
 – AI cleared waivers yesterday. Knicks were the rumored destination for him but now it looks like that’s not going to happen. Let’s be honest, this would be a move to generate ticket sales. The Knicks are going nowhere this season and don’t have much laid out as far as direction and leadership on the floor. He certainly couldn’t make things worst there but, if they’re passing on him, looks like AI may simply fade into the darkness (at least for this season) 
A view from the sideline 
 – My former favorite blogger Gilbert Arenas has finally joined twitter but there’s a catch, he’s said he won’t post until he has 1 million followers. ::blank stare:: Mmmmk in the meantime the nasty rumor circulating on the blogs is that Gilbert’s fiancée’ Laura Govan has been cheating on him with Shaq for approximately the last 5 years (SCANDAL of the highest order). Shortly after the offending e-mails were leaked, Shaq’s wife Shaunie filed for legal separation in California. Perhaps that explains Gil’s 1st tweet which was a twitvid that makes mention of Shaq in a very Unique way Check the video Here:
Yeah, I don’t know either ::Kayne West shrug::
Oh yeah the Wizards blew out the Cavs on Wednesday night in DC. Shaq was out with a shoulder strain… Some implied he was scared, my question is, scared of what? How often have you seen NBA players really throw blows on the court… exactly.
The Thunder are a fun team to watch on the court. But I bet you didn’t know a few guys on the roster have Boy Band aspirations, Check Kevin Durant, Jeff Green & James Harden’s performance:

Who’s the next coach to go??
– Lawrence Frank, Nets- New owner coming in, team has had a lot of early injuries so maybe that will buy him time. Nets have yet to win a game this season.
– Mike Dunleavy, Clippers – Cheap ownership might save Mike’s job as Donald Sterling hates to spend $$, injuries to #1 pick Blake Griffin and guard Eric Gordan might buy him time but most likely Sterling’s cheapness will be the real reason he keeps his job.