NFL Veteran Steven Jackson Creates Campaign To Save The Running Back Position [Video]


In today’s NFL, the role of the running back has changed. Not only are running backs splitting downs, the position is considered pretty disposable, with most teams moving on from guys as they near the age of 30.

The Atlanta Falcons recently cut NFL veteran running back Steven Jackson. The 31 year-old recently created a campaign that coincides with the start of NFL free agency, Save The Running Back., founded by Steven Jackson, the three-time Pro Bowl running back makes a plea for his position. The running back, once the pride of the NFL, has become an endangered species, devalued and disrespected in the world of professional football. His hope is that you and others will help save it, and bring us back to the days of Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and the countless other bell cow running backs we all fell in love with.

Jackson was drafted in 2004 by the St. Louis Rams where he spent nine seasons as the face of the franchise, and currently owns the team’s all-time rushing record.