Chicago Artist Dedicates Shrine to Derrick Rose and Injured Knees


Pour out a little liquor in the memory of our fallen homies…or if you’re in Chicago, in the name of Derrick Rose’s bad knees.

One Chicago artist decide to mourn the loss of Rose on the court, after the Chicago Bulls’ star point guard injured his knee for the third consecutive year and possibly ended his season.

In an apparent effort to pay homage to the NBA superstar, the artist built a mural and shrine in Rose’s memory. The “Pray for Rose” shrine is located under the Fullerton underpass in the Bucktown area of Chicago, is not only a tribute to Rose but also reflects on past Chicago Bulls heroes like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

The shrine includes an image of Rose wearing a crown of thorns, crutches, knee pads, candles and tweets of condolences to the injured Rose.

I’m all for mourning the loss but this just seems like one step too far.