NFL replacement ref Brian Stropolo removed from Saints-Panthers game because he’s a fan

Social media can cause problems for anyone at work. Today’s example, one of the replacements Refs was relieved of his duties Sunday because the NFL discovered he’s a Saints fan.

Side judge Brian Stropolo got the boot from officiating the Saints-Panthers game when it was discovered on his now deleted Facebook page, that he was a member of the “Who Dat” nation. Stropolo’s Facebook featured photos of him in Saints gear and standing outside the Superdome for a preseason game.

I guess it’s hard to vet a ref that doesn’t have an appreciation for the NFL. Then again, I doubt the NFL expected to head into the season with replacements, perhaps the focus initially was just on the on-field accuracy the judges could provide. So, how does this work? Do you swear on Roger Goodell’s holy grail that there’s no team about the NFL shield and pledge your allegiance to the pigskin minus a particular team?

It will be interesting to watch how the league handles this.