Floyd Mayweather jr says he has no beef with 50 Cent

You heard 50 Cents side of the alleged beef between he and Floyd Mayweather jr. Now Floyd is speaking out. Floyd is indicating that he and 50 are still friends, just moving in different directions at the moment. Beef?? You decide.

Things happen, people grow at different rates and sometimes it leads their relationship in different directions. Perhaps “beef” is too strong of a word for this. Whatever the case, both men acknowledge that things aren’t the same.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Floyd’s ex, Josie Harris, has said she’s forgiven him for the domestic incident that landed him in jail this summer. Her concern moving forward is that he’s a good father to their three children.

“[Floyd] loves his kids and is a great father. He would never do anything like that again … I’m sorry the situation happened … now we will just progress and start over and move forward together.”

“S**t happens. I’m not mad at him at all … I love Floyd to death.”

He’s done his time and it seems as if he’s learned his lesson. That’s the purpose of incarceration, right?

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