Fruit Cake Media Mix- Kobe, DWade, commercials and a shirtless Matt Kemp

 Today’s post is random once again but tied up with a pretty themed bow. Quick hits of sport (ok mostly NBA) related videos and/or commercials that I’m enjoying this week.  Kind of like a Fruit cake, you never know what’s in it until you dig in!

I always talk about the good with the Lakers so it’s only fitting that I give you the ugly occasionally.
Yeah This pretty much sums up the Lakers game against Utah on Sunday.But I’m sure Derek Fisher felt worst than Kobe’s fractured finger after this. His face says it all. Well done Young Corey Brewer.

– Of course that moment means nothing because last night in Chicago Kobe went for 42. He even had a Jordanesque Fade a way jumper so fitting in the United Center.  Here’s a few highlights

– Earlier this year the NBA announced a new partnership with Cartoon Network. The 1st project birthed from this connection is “My Dad’s a pro”. 4- 5 minute shorts featuring Boston Celtics guard Eddie House and his son Jaelen. Expect to see more players and their families featured on Cartoon Network.  A perfect cross branding  that also ensures that viewers stay connected through their transition from pre teen into advanced young adults. I LOVE a great marketing plan. Random Fact, Jaelen’s Uncle is  Mike Bibby of the Atlanta Hawks

– Loving the 2k sports NBA 2K10 commercial. The spot features an animated Kobe doing what he does, driving through mad defenders,  but the song selection is epic in my opinion. It’s Rakim’s “Don’t Sweat the technique”. Perfect choice because when this song was released, it marked a time of transition in hip hop and in Eric B & Rakim themselves. The video for the single was a huge departure from their previous ones as they were clearly way out in Hollywood by this point in 92.A long way from Long Island!  Similarly,  Kobe has arrived to a place in his career that his game has to evolve. He’s adapted his game based on the reality that he’s getting older. He worked on his post moves this summer with Hakeem Olajuwon reading himself for the next phase of his NBA career. It’s the little things like this that assure barring injury the Black Mamba will be around and RELEVANT for quite some time. Don’t worry about HOW he does it, just know he does.

– I’m not certain how often you get the chance to take in a NBA game in other arenas but I think it’s something every fan of the game should add to their Bucket list. For 1 it can add to the appreciation you have for your team’s home court ( I see why NETS fans stay home, the Izod is raggedy LOL) but it also gives you a chance to check out the personality of the team  by way of their opening videos. Here’s the Miami Heat’s intro video. I like the fashion, I appreciate that the stylist took a preppy approach while still staying true to the players personal style.

-Lastly, This is STRICTLY for the Ladies. Matt Kemp working out shirtless. He’s all oiled up and stuff! LOL Check it out (yeah females like this stuff get up on it or get over it guys! Smile, I’m just being honest)