Part 1 of Evelyn Lozada’s appearance on “Fix My Life with Iyanla Vazant” [video]

Part 1 of Evelyn Lozada‘s appearance on the OWN network’s “Fix My Life with Iyanla Vazant” aired Saturday night. Shot prior to the domestic incident between Lozada and her soon to be ex-husband, Chad Johnson, Vazant wanted to delve into the reasons why Evelyn was so angry on her reality show, “Basketball Wives.”

Evelyn opens up about her greatest fears, being embarrassed that her step-daughters saw her “running across tables and throwing wine bottles” and how her relationship with her mother contributed to who she had become.

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (PART 1)… by Ashley_Miller_3

One of the most interesting and telling observations Iyanla made right off was the absence of Chad. Originally Chad was supposed to be apart of the filming but ended up leaving for L.A. Iyanla flat out told Evelyn during the latter part of the episode that her marriage was in trouble. In that moment, Ev’s whole body language changed, arms folded in front of her, etc. If you are into reading people’s body language, you know that it’s a protective reaction, meant to close yourself off from someone.

Oprah said that she thought people would find Evelyn more likable after watching the show. I believe at the very least, they will be able to relate to her fears and have a better understanding as to why she reacted the way she has about certain things. No matter the public’s reaction, I’m glad she took the steps to get right with herself. I also hope that she’s able to retain some sort of relationship (in time) with her step daughters. The mutual love for one another seemed genuine.

Part two of the episode which was shot AFTER the news broke airs tonight on OWN.