NFL Playoffs – Clap for me!! (oh yeah and the Saints & Colts)

 You all should be extremely proud of me, I watched FOOTBALL all day yesterday, did not catch 1 NBA game. I told you I get excited for the Playoffs. My theme music for the day… Jay Z Clap for Em:

* As expected, my theory for the team with the cutest players didn’t work out for The Jets yesterday. Colts took it 30 to 17. Congrats to the Colts… SUPERBOWL BOUND! (but I’m going back to my theory for the Superbowl)

awww cheer up Booskis there’s always next season
(I know, I know sometimes I just HAVE to let my pink aura seep through) 

Maybe we can blame the Vikings lost on that terrible Prince song…

I’m sorry I love Prince but I much prefer when he was a heathen. That song was terrible.

Kim Khardashian was in the skybox showing her support (with what I’ll assume were some of Reggie’s friends as well) SAINTS WIN in OVERTIME!

Kim is looking more and more like her mom… Hey the rest is up to you to figure out.

Not really sure what was up with Adrian Peterson’s hands yesterday as he seemed to let a lot of the plays slip through them but :Kayne shrug: I never expected the Vikings to win anyway.

And again, I know I’m new to this football thing but I swear I remember seeing Brett Favre hurt, being helped off the field only to return triumphantly to save the day. Like a really long time ago. Again, just pointing out my observations as a novice!

I guess it really doesn’t matter because they lost and he might retire or unretire his re-retire status again. Whatever part it’s at now.

Having said all that, I can proclaim that I jumped on The Saints bandwagon EARLY enough in the season to say GEAUX SAINTS!!

WHO DAT!! Clearly you see who my Superbowl selection is!