President Obama & the Lake show

Today is the day!! The Lakers are going to the White House to meet our President. Before the actual ceremony, the Laker wives received a tour of the white house. A few of the following photos are courtesy of Jeanie Buss’s twitpics (see why I HEART Twitter)

There’s Khole in front of Clinton’s portrait (yeah I know… where’s Vanessa??)
UPDATE!! I found a picture of Vanessa
Now who can tell me who the designer is of her watch. I LOVE IT! 

Pau in front of Regan’s portrait

Magic made it out! (Of course he was coming to see President Obama but that’s not the point right! lol)

DFish! I could see a career in Politics in his future. I believe he’s still the President of the NBA Players Association

The Lakers standing outside the White House with the Washington Monument in the background

* Twitter Press highlights of the visit (In twitter formation of course)


Just called Phil Jackson the “Zen Master,” then the former Illinois senator zinged Magic for losing to the Bulls in the ’91 NBA Finals.

Presentation lasted about nine minutes. A few laughs, a lot of smiles. Artest wasn’t part of the ceremony. Wasn’t on the team last year.


President Obama just reminded Magic Johnson of Jordan’s famous “switching hands” layup during 1991 Finals!!

The players were extremely impressed with how much Obama knew about the team; he called each player and assistant coach by name.

Magic Johnson said that President Obama is the only person he has ever allowed to trash talk him, & called the experience amazing.

President Obama spoke specifically to Shannon Brown about winning the dunk contest.

**I thought the Trevor Ariza fans would enjoy his tweet:

When do I get to go to the white house? Lol

oh yes we must include my response to him via twitter: 

When the Rockets win the title of course! Your check feels much better right! 🙂 RT @TA_Iam1 When do I get to go to the white house? Lol

* I’m including this next picture SOLELY for selfish reasons… how well do you guys know me now, what’s the reason??

* Oh yeah, being the vibrant couple that they are, Khole & LO also took time out Sunday night to hit up a club in DC. Loving Khole’s ensemble (the full view didn’t have Lamar in it soooo yeah)