NBA on TNT- Or Kobe vs. LeBron

I live and die with my team, that’s what being a TRUE FAN is all about. The Cavs have swept the Lakers this season. it was a Shoot out. Lebron’s stats 37 points, 5 rb, 9 assists and an impromptu performance of Eminem’s verse in “Forever” coincidentally from Bron’s documentary More than a Game

*Guess he figured Kobe would appreciate a rap as opposed to a dance off.

One of the play’s of the night might be this one:

Did Kobe lose his balance or did LeBron cross him up? Whatever the case, I’d say LeBron’s ego was boosted by these two convincing wins over the Lakers (oh Moe Williams wasn’t even playing this time, shoulder strain) Maybe the MVPuppets will finally get to meet in June.

– Not enough Gasol (I hate when he gets all charminesque) and Bron is too much beast for Artest. I still think in a 7 game series, Lakers come out on top!

Oh yeah, KB reached 25,000 points again youngest ever, less than a week after Shaq reached 28,000 (does Shaq even matter anymore??) Mamba’s stats 31 points, 2 Rb & 4 asst (and a broken finger… I’m just SAYING lol)