Cardinals Darnell Dockett reportedly spit in the face of teammate Kerry Rhodes during Sunday’s game against the Jets

photo via USA Today

photo via USA Today

Things aren’t so great for the Arizona Cardinals this season. The team has a current record of 4-8 with problems at the QB position. Now comes word out of Arizona that there was an on-field altercation between safety, Kerry Rhodes and linebacker Darnell Dockett that ended with Dockett spitting in Rhodes face.

During Sunday’s game the two were having a disagreement. The Jets were leading 7-6 late in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals plan was to allow the Jets to score making it a 14-6 game. The Cardinals wanted to get the ball back on offense, score a touchdown, convert a two-point conversion and send the game to overtime.

Dockett reportedly had no interest in allowing the Jets to score. This led to Rhodes trying to convince him buy in, which in turn led to the alleged loogie.

I think spitting at someone is one of the most vile things you could. And to do that to a teammate during the course of the game, disgusting. The team is reportedly handling the incident internally but there is some sort of disciplinary action planned.