Russell Westbrook will debut the Air Jordan XX8 in tonights game vs. Brooklyn


There’s been a lot of controversy since Nike and Jordan Brand unveiled the new Air Jordan 28 in New York last night. Some are calling it a rain shoe, a sneaker cozy, and just plain ugly.

No matter what you think of it however, people are going to buy it. (We live in a time where more people will wait outside Champs for a new pair of Jordan’s than they will to vote for people in office).

Attractive or not, The XX8 is said to be Jordan’s “lightest and most responsive” Jordan shoe up to date. Making it amiable to those who play the sport professionally and those who play pick up in the neighborhood. (Although I don’t know how it’s even possible for Nike to make a “lighter” shoe. Seriously, what’s next? Jordan Paper Thins? Or maybe… The Jordan Jesus Walkers: “So light, you can walk on water.” Okay, I’m done).

The genius mind behind the design is Tinker Hatfield. According to an article in Forbes, Hatfield has led the design of each Jordan Brand shoe since 1988.

Hatfield told Forbes “I don’t think of these things as basketball shoes,” “I think of them as pieces of art.”


Russell Westbrook will be the first player to debut the shoes when the Thunder play the Nets tonight in Brooklyn.

via Jordan

When asked about the shoe, Westbrook said “It’s very light and it’s very comfortable.”

I personally love the concept and look of the shoe, just would have gone with a different color instead of neon green (neon is so not in these days). And I have to admit, it does look like those shoes your mom bought you to wear to your first swim lesson.