AEG Has Been In Contact With 5 NFL Teams About Relocating To Los Angeles

We might be in the middle of an NFL Lockout but the business of football is still being tended to by AEG. The company has spoken with five NFL teams about relocating to Los Angeles.

AEG president Tim Leiweke said he has spoken with officials from the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.

“St. Louis, Jacksonville, not extensively, certainly Oakland, San Diego, Minnesota are still in the mix,” Leiweke told the newspaper in listing the teams AEG has spoken with. But he added, “We’re not packing any (moving) vans right now.”

Billionaire Philip Anschutz (the founder of AEG) is not only ready to acquire majority ownership in any franchise that makes the move, AEG is also willing to pay the cost of the franchise opting out of it’s current lease.

I can’t see L.A. being without a team for too much longer. I’m almost ready to get excited.