Wizards Star Rashard Lewis Calls The NBA A Sorority

I didn’t even want to address the silliness of the rumor that LeBron’s “game issues” were do to an off court distraction (allegedly his girlfriend Savannah was sleeping with the Wizard’s Rashard Lewis.)

I thought it was dumb and not worth mentioning. Then Rashard took to the airwaves in Houston (97.9 The Box) to clear the air regarding the situation:

“I have no idea [where the rumor came from], that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I went with my regular day of working out and I come home and I hear the same rumor. I can most definitely tell you that those rumors are 100% definitely false, they’re not true and I don’t know how it came up.”

” If anything they need to let the man play, he’s trying to win a championship. Putting all this negative stuff out about him ain’t doing anything but messing with his head. They need to leave the man alone, let him play. He’s in the NBA finals, let him go out there and win a NBA Championship. This is crazy, I can’t even believe this.”

“I’ve never met [Savannah] before. I actually spoke to his step father, the father that raised him to send a message to him that it’s a 100% false as well as he said on their side of the camp, they know it’s not true. They don’t believe it and told me not to worry about it all. I told him to go out there and play the game.[…]The NBA, we’re like a small sorority, we’re like brothers you don’t do that to a brother. That’s something you don’t do. I would never cross that line.”

Blah, blah fine. He cleared that up. HOWEVER, I have a much bigger issue with the line bolded above. I know Rashard was one of those straight to the NBA from high school guys, but shouldn’t he know that a sorority is a sisterhood for WOMEN… I mean you could make a case for some NBA players… just jokes folks.

People really hate LeBron, I think he and Kobe are almost neck and neck for most venom spewed.