NBA Finals Game 5 Fashion & Celebs In Attendance [Photos]

Very Euro LeBron

Game 5 between the Mavericks and Heat is in the books. The Mavericks are the first team to beat the Heat twice in a row. Now the series shifts back to Miami. I see this going 7 games folks. You already know who I’m throwing my casual support behind (The Heat are sooooo lucky the Lakers were tired, whatever Mavs- yes I know they have been BALLING, I don’t care.)

Anyways, ::giggle:: let’s check out some game 5 fashion. As far as players go, let’s give this one to Dwyane Wade. I already know the type of comments I’m going to receive on Chris Bosh’s look.

Celebs in attendance, Lil Wayne (I believe that’s Mack Maine and his new girlfriend seated with him. forgive me if I only acknowledge the Young Money members that sell), DeMarcus Ware, Kim K’s ex, Miles Austin- oh he plays for the Cowboys too, but yeah… and Gabrielle Union:

In case you missed this little tidbit, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James mocked Dirk being sick in Game 4. I’m assuming the Basketball Gods didn’t take to kindly to the joke. :shrug:



Curtsy to Los That sports blog for the video