Which 3 Basketball Wives cast members are getting the boot?

Wanna know which three Basketball Wives have to turn in their stilettos? Per TMZ it’s Royce, Jenn and Keisha! Probably not the ones most were expecting but I’m not surprised at all.

Basketball Wives season 4 episode 13; Tami holds Kesha’s purse hostage [video]

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but, I’ve abandoned my Basketball Wives recaps. The show is/was without a doubt one of my guilty pleasures. But lately, the drama has felt stale. Very much rinse and repeat. This season it seemed as if the ladies of the circle (well at least certain members and their extended […]

Basketball Wives season 4 episode 7 sneak peek [video]

In this week’s episode of Basketball Wives. Kenya is still dealing with the wrath of Evelyn and per Kesha, Kenya also has an idol complex for Jennifer.

Basketball Wives Kenya Bell says Kesha is broke and she’s coming for Suzie at the reunion

Basketball Wives newest cast member Kenya Bell is interesting. Clearly we know Kenya joined the show to get attention and launch her pop star career (HINT: it’s not going to work, you don’t have “it”) What’s the fastest way to get attention on a reality show? By being dramatic of course. Check out a few […]

Basketball Wives season 4 episode 5 recap [video]

On episode 5 of  season 4 of Basketball Wives, We visit Kesha’s North Carolina roots and attend Shaunie’s birthday party where Evelyn and Jen have a minor altercation.

Basketball Wives season 4, episode 5 sneak peek [video]

Basketball Wives season 4, episode 5 is our first glimpse of the ladies back in Miami to attend Shaunie’s birthday festivities. This is the event where Evelyn allegedly hits Jennifer in the head with her purse. Yikes! We also get to see the other ide of Kesha as Royce and Suzie go visit her in […]

Basketball Wives season 4, episode 4 sneak peek [video]

Ready for your sneak peek of Basketball Wives season 4 episode 4? In this episode we see Jennifer coming out of her shell, More of Kenya’s crazy ideas and a possible run in between Tami and Kesha.

Basketball Wives season 4 episode 3 recap- Kenya Bell is “different” [video]

In episode 3 of Basketball Wives, we watch Kenya Bell’s crazy emerge and get to the bottom of Tami Toman’s anger management issues.