Basketball Wives season 4, episode 4 sneak peek [video]

Ready for your sneak peek of Basketball Wives season 4 episode 4? In this episode we see Jennifer coming out of her shell, More of Kenya’s crazy ideas and a possible run in between Tami and Kesha.


Really Tami? She should have brought it up then? With your reputation for popping chicks upside the head? I suppose this is how you advance the drama. I’m happy Jennifer has a focus but for some reason, I’m just not that interested.

If the story Suzie the plot developer told about Kenya is valid, it is yet another example of how book smart doesn’t necessarily transfer into real world intelligence.

And lastly, I see Shaunie has made sure to keep her story lines out of the spotlight and just on the ladies. Smart move. That works out better for her and her brand in my opinion.

Check it out Monday at 8 and of course look for my recap on Tuesday!