Basketball Wives season 4, episode 5 sneak peek [video]

Basketball Wives season 4, episode 5 is our first glimpse of the ladies back in Miami to attend Shaunie’s birthday festivities. This is the event where Evelyn allegedly hits Jennifer in the head with her purse. Yikes!

We also get to see the other ide of Kesha as Royce and Suzie go visit her in North Carolina.

This sneak peek was packed with so many interesting scenarios. Is it me or does Tami seem to #TeamEvelyn even though she says she’s neutral. I was happy to see Jennifer stick up for herself. I hope that’s a continuing theme.

It’s also good to see Kesha’s backstory. I also appreciate that her mother (who is white, in case you didn’t watch the clip and are just reading my observations) made sure to state that when she was growing up, the black girls never gave her any problems.

Make sure you check out all the dramatics tonight and check back here tomorrow for my recap!