Which 3 Basketball Wives cast members are getting the boot?

Wanna know which three Basketball Wives have to turn in their stilettos? Per TMZ it’s Royce, Jenn and Keisha! Probably not the ones most were expecting but I’m not surprised at all.

Now you’re probably thinking what about Tami and Evelyn. Umm hello, THEY ARE THE SHOW! That’s who people are tuning in to see and that’s why the reunion show was full of “I’m sorry and I’m growing” statements. Let’s break down why it makes sense for each.

Shaunie and Evelyn refuse to film with her. Tami and Royce are on the rocks, who will she film with. Plus, the rumor was that Royce and Shaunie’s ex-boo Marlon, may have had a flirtatious friendship and she can’t mention Dwight Howard (not that it really matters at this point but it sounds good)


I mean obviously. Plus what was interesting about her? I may have felt sorry for her in Tahiti but that doesn’t mean I want to watch her on TV week after week.



Here’s the thing with Jenn, I agree with her action to press charges against Nia Crooks for that pop to the face. But I also know that standard in most reality show contracts are clauses about lawsuits and criminal complaints etc. A good lawyer can get you out of anything but of course, for every action there’s a reaction. She made herself a liability but honestly, if she’s moving on with her life, putting the show behind her makes sense. It was odd to me that she was considering coming back for season 5. I will miss her fashion though.

I wonder when they’ll start the search for replacements. Shaunie mentioned contracts would be signed by the end of summer should SHE decide to return as a cast member also.

Lastly, if you’re wondering why Suzie is still in the mix. She’s a plot pusher, DUH!! How else can you advance the plot on screen if you don’t have anyone to act as an information superhighway!