Basketball Wives season 4 episode 3 recap- Kenya Bell is “different” [video]

In episode 3 of Basketball Wives, we watch Kenya Bell’s crazy emerge and get to the bottom of Tami Toman’s anger management issues.

Kenya Bell is different. That’s really all I’ve got. Her logic for how she’s going about transforming herself into the next pop superstar is baffling. I know she has a Master’s degree in engineering but that doesn’t mean an automatic win in other arenas…


Always be prepared. She’s an ex-pageant winner, she should know better than that. Maybe this is “acting.” But I’d never play MYSELF like that.  And THIS is why I’m #Team Kesha on that topic. Although on Twitter, Kenya and Tami tweeted a little extra bit of info.

Nope, I still don’t care for Suzie. She’s filler and the tool used to advance the plot in some instances (i.e. the go between, you need that) but yeah, I can do without her.

Once again, when you move beyond Tami’s mean girl steeze and get to the root of her issues, you can’t help but respect her willingness to open up about these things on camera. I’ll save my shade on her commenting on Kenya’s weave and wardrobe for another time.

If you missed the opening and my commentary on that, check it out HERE

photos via VH1