Basketball Wives Kenya Bell says Kesha is broke and she’s coming for Suzie at the reunion

Basketball Wives newest cast member Kenya Bell is interesting. Clearly we know Kenya joined the show to get attention and launch her pop star career (HINT: it’s not going to work, you don’t have “it”)

What’s the fastest way to get attention on a reality show? By being dramatic of course. Check out a few excerpts of a recent interview with Kenya where she speaks on Kesha’s finacial status, who should watch out for her at the reunion and why she and Charlie Bell are divorcing.

On castmate Kesha’s Nichols:

She’s very country & I’ve heard she’s broke, so she needs to stop acting like that $8000 for the club wasn’t alot for her when I personally know it was.

On which cast member should be cautious at the reunion:

I’m soooo sick of Suzie at this point, she needs to watch out for my ass at the reunion show.

On what caused the riff between she and soon to be ex-husband Charlie Bell:

[Charlie] has an ongoing problem. It was in the news as of late and he decided to stop getting treatment for it. He had been getting treatment for years and out of the blue just stopped. Without treatment, he was exposing my children to things I didn’t want them around. I was afraid for them, so that’s basically why we separated. We’ve been through a lot together. We went without money for years before he got an NBA contract. I want him to get treatment for the children, they deserve a healthy father. But as far as the relationship there’s been so much mess I’m not interested in going back. I just want us to work together to raise our children.

While you’re processing Kenya’s thoughts. Check her out in this music video from some random artist named K’Jon. The track is “Bad Girl” and Kenya is the lead.


She has to know this is wack, right? She CAN’T think this is what’s hot in the streets.