Basketball Wives season 4 episode 5 recap [video]

On episode 5 of  season 4 of Basketball Wives, We visit Kesha’s North Carolina roots and attend Shaunie’s birthday party where Evelyn and Jen have a minor altercation.

The North Carolina visit was a nice change of pace and a good way to get to know Kesha. I have lots of thoughts on growing up “mixed” especially in situations where there’s no contact with the African-American side of the family but that’s not a topic for THIS post. Maybe later.

Now on to Royce and Tami’s chat. I think this friendship is in an interesting place… By interesting I mean transitioning. Do I think they’ll become full blown frenemies? You never  know but I do think that Tami and Evelyn are a camp, Royce feels more simpatico with Kesha and Suzie, she’s wherever there’s alcohol.


Shaunie’s birthday dinner was many things!

1. I appreciate that Shaunie recognized the damage she was doing to her personal brand and pulled back from the bird antics that she got involved with in season 2.

2. Kenya, WHY are you making a speech at Shaunie’s birthday dinner. Again, when will these women learn to stop trying so hard to fit in.

3. Suzie played the hell out of Tami with that food stamps comment. It was rude and obnoxious BUT, the way Tami has been popping off about wack weaves and clothing (like that wasn’t HER a few seasons back before she got her money up a tad) is funny. Only because her attitude about that stuff was different THEN. Unfair, probably but I just can’t help but feel that stems more from insecurity than keen observation. Even if the gear she’s referring to is WACK or the weave was leaning. Don’t be that chick Tami.

And lastly, there was THIS:

I’m glad Jennifer is standing up for herself and I also can appreciate that she’s not into making a spectacle of oneself in public. She’s grown and that’s important. But karma can be an unforgiving b***h. And I doubt she’s forgotten when Jenn was the one on Evelyn’s left giggling while this was happening to others.

But honestly, Evelyn really needs to move on. If Jennifer wasn’t really the friend you thought she was, count it as a blessing that you know now and direct that energy into your wedding and business ventures. Like Evelyn pointed out in her Cash Money meeting, that 15 minutes can tick down QUICKLY. Make the most of it.


To see photos from Shaunie’s birthday, go HERE