Pilar Sanders flirting on Instagram with “catfish” Money Team boxer [photos]


Pilar Sanders is in need of a gold digging fairy Godmother right now. Someone to guide her through this trecherous landscape of ballers, rappers and athletes to ensure that her next pick is as connected as her first. The reason this topic is coming up? Pilar has been flirting with an alleged “Money Team” boxer on Instagram. One problem though, this guy is a known liar and identity thief named Sandro Duval aka WeezyTKO. In the past, Duval or WeezyTKO as he now goes by,  has assumed the identity of NFL Ballers Devone Bess and Chris Houston. He’s even claimed the identity of Drake’s manager CJ Gibson.

He uses these names to get women, have sports agents give him money and run up huge tabs at the club. He’s been arrested for all of this but it doesn’t stop him from pretending. He has been putting up these charades since 2009 at least and he’s still going strong. Now he says he is a boxer on Floyd Mayweather’s money team.

Not the one for you Pilar… Move on. If need be, you can run your potential Baller Boo’s name by me and I can assist in helping you discover if he has the credibility and coin for you to move forward. I’m here to help.