“Run the World” Season 2: Bresha, Amber & Corbin On Personal Discovery and Growth

After two years, the highly anticipated sophomore season of the STARZ series “Run the World” has finally arrived, bringing us back into the lives of the fierce and fabulous 30-something trio, Renee (Bresha Webb), Whitney (Amber Stevens West), and Sondi (Corbin Reid). In season two, these successful career women navigate their paths to world domination; they must also steer the complexities of their romantic relationships and deep bonds with each other. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Harlem, New York, the second season takes us on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of happiness.

In the first season, we were introduced to the dynamic friendships that bind our protagonists. In season two, the focus shifts towards delving deeper into their stories. Webb, who portrays the vibrant Renee, shares her excitement about bringing out and establishing new aspects of her character. “With everything bubbling at the surface, the cliffhangers from the previous season fuel their journeys, allowing us to witness their successes and failures. I left my job, and I was leaving my husband. Renee’s choices and challenges take center stage as she confronts her past, her family, and her newfound singlehood.”


Webb explained, “We’re choosing to be selfish, and at the same time, choosing our careers, choosing our hearts desires, truly. I was excited to show where Renee comes from; you see more of Chicago and her family. She’s single, and what that looks like.” Brace yourself for surprises, as a familiar face might also make a comeback.”

Beyond the captivating plotlines, the cast members have undergone personal growth and transformation throughout their careers. Corbin Reid, who plays Sondi, reflects on her early beliefs and their evolution. Initially craving instant success in her 20s, she realized that actual achievements come with great responsibility and require patience. Trusting in divine timing and waiting for the right opportunities to materialize became paramount in her journey.



Amber Stevens West, who portrays the determined Whitney, emphasizes recognizing her power and agency. As she has grown as a woman, she has realized that she holds the reins to her own life. Believing in herself and making choices aligned with her true desires have created her fulfillment. She shared, “I’ve learned that I have more power than I thought I did, in the sense that I am in control of my life. And I get to decide what I want to do with it. And so if I really believe in myself, and I stand in that power, then I’m going to enjoy the journey that I’m on. And so, when it comes to my work, I’ve now learned to shift my gaze when looking at a new script, potential project, or something for myself. I have to live that experience, uproot my family potentially, and still have to be a parent but also go to work. So I want to enjoy myself everywhere I go. And I’ve learned that I have more power in that I can choose to say no, and really either create or wait for positive impact in the opportunities I seek.” With newfound confidence and a deeper understanding of her worth, she can enjoy the journey while balancing her professional pursuits with her role as a parent.


For Bresha Webb, the focus has shifted to being more present and cherishing the moment. She has learned to celebrate her accomplishments and extend grace to herself in a career that often demands constant movement and progress. Taking in the joys of the present and expressing gratitude for her journey have become guiding principles for her.



With its compelling storylines and relatable characters, “Run the World” continues to captivate audiences with its second season. As the protagonists face new challenges and embrace personal growth, viewers can expect an exhilarating ride through the lives of these Harlem powerhouses. So, mark your calendars and join the world domination quest every Friday on Starz.


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