NFL Playoffs, Spotted and other fun stuff…

– NFL Playoffs again this weekend, The Saints won off of an incredible performance by Reggie Bush. He & Kim went to the Hornets vs Spurs so he could further bask in his star status (I know this cause he had his celebrity glasses on inside)


The way I decided to choose who I was cheering for was easy this weekend, the Vikings & Jets had the more attractive teams. Hey sometimes it’s just that simple! ::Girl Power::

And what do the Vikings do to celebrate???

Don’t think that’s going to work next weekend. But according to my theory The Saints will win the Superbowl…

– Clippers came within 1 of beating the Cavs Saturday night. Matt Kemp was there on the heels of his newly signed 2 year deal with the dodgers for $11.5 million. Oh yeah his new chick piece Rihanna was by his side. “Yup you know this” (Hard – Rihanna)

I like that Matt supports the Clippers.

– Kobe was asked what the difference is between Ron Artest as a defender and Trevor Ariza, he said Artest is more of a meat & potatoes defender. ::blank stare:: marketing, catch pharses… just isn’t his thing. Lakers are still Leading the west, the only team in the L with single digit losses. Dallas is 5 games behind in 2nd place.Oh and Orlando is impressing me even less than they did during the finals last year :FLUKE:

This is the New MVPuppet commercial for Kobe’s shoe.

Again, I’m over it, outside of the Christmas ones, it might be time to let this go. ::Yawn::

– Dumb ass of the week Shawne Williams. Ok, let me see if I understand, you beat the odds. Make it to the NBA, you’re subpar there so your plan B is to slang “syrup”. This is why people look at Memphis’s program sideways. Way to live out your dreams.

– This is how you know the west is Loaded and still holds more talent than the East. In the last 10 days the Grizz have beat The Jazz, Spurs & today the Suns. They sit in a tie with the Jazz for 9th place. Just a half a game out of the 8th seed. Today was their 9th straight win at home.

The Thunder meanwhile are being led by KDurant  whose averaging about 30 points a game. Thunder are in the 8th spot in the west and today against the Hawks Jeff Green EMBARRASSED Josh Smith

Mmmmmmm I love it! Chicago holds the 8th slot in the east at 18 and 22. In the west that would be the Clippers who are 5 games back of the 8th seed.

– The longest winning streak in the NBA right now, 5. Who holds it… The Bobcats. Salute Capt Jack:

Bobcats hold the #5th place in the East.

– Ok the dunk contest participants have been announced. Nate Robinson, Gerald Wallace & Shannon Brown plus Demar Derozan (yeah i’m that sure he’s going to win the lame dunk in sorry Eric). I’m all about Shannon. Final round, Demar vs. Shannon with Shannon the winner. Let’s see if I’m right! I was right about no Bron afterall ::Cheese::