Athletes in Support of Hati

The 7.0 earthquake that ravished Hati on Tuesday has seen an outpouring of support from across the U.S. People are usually quick to point a finger at celebs and athletes to ask what they’re doing to make a difference in times of crisis, I just wanted to take a moment to salute the following people and organizations for their swift support. There are more than 3 million victims  half of them are children, in one of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. 

The NBA has teamed up with UNICEF

Donation Link

* Tiger Woods has personally donated 3 million dollars and is working in conjunction with Wyclef Jean’s Hatian relief organization. 1 of the goals is to send a mobile hospital with at least 50 EMT’s to set up triage sights.

* Chad Ocho Cinco is working with Degree Men & Feed the Children to raise $100,000. Chad has pledged to personally match up to $40,000 raised
Chad Ochocinco & Feed the children

* The NFL & The NFL Players association has pledged $2.5 Million for aid and recovery efforts.

* Alonzo Mourning & Dwyane Wade are teaming up to raise funds, Alonzo has personally flown to the country to be hands on with recovery efforts.

* The Chargers Antonio Cromartie has also pledged donations thorough his foundation.

**Updated Today Donte Stallworth has pledged $1 for every follower he has on twitter by midnight Jan. 17th. as of 2:33 PST he has 26,679. His twitter

If you haven’t already donated money, clothing, water, supplies, blood etc I urge you to do so. Every bit helps: