Friday Night Dunk in

I guess all the Let :PLAYER NAME HERE: Dunk websites caught the attention of the League. Let’s be real, the dunk contest has gone through some serious ups and downs the past 2 decades. How many of you recall the Dunk wheel ( I do and it SUCKED).

This year’s twist, a dunk out during the Rookie-Sophomore game between DeMarr DeRozan & Eric Gordon ::pom poms down:: where did they get this idea from?? Eric Gordon? Don’t get me wrong, I love him on the Clippers he was a great addition but 1st of all, the whole idea of a fan voted dunk out to get into the actual dunk contest is NOT exciting and 2nd, what made them select Eric Gordon? What AM I missing here? And didn’t he just hurt his foot last night in the Clippers loss to the Hornets?

The other 3 contestants will be announced soon. The 1 person whose name I’ll be shocked if announced would be LeBron James. Even though he said he was participating last year in Phoenix, sometimes I think he just does these things for shock value.

I have my own suggestions on what I think would create some excitement around the contest. One on one games for 2 minutes, ALL DUNKS! You get all the passion of an in game dunk and let’s be serious here, the best thing about dunking is when it actually happens on someone! That would be hot!

My plan was to include an Eric Gordon Dunk mix but, I couldn’t find any that were cute. Yet another bad sign. Le Sigh. Oh well, the countdown to Dallas is on…