Ray Allen’s Catfish Stalker Claims Ray Is The Real Stalker

Remember back in Twitter’s early days (2009 to be exact) when former NBA star Ray Allen accidentally sent a freaky tweet to his thousands of followers that was meant to be a DM?

He later came out and said he was hacked, but smart people knew better.

Looks like Allen’s secret DM life is coming to light because of a lawsuit. At some point Ray was contacting and DMing several women on various forums, not a real problem but 1. Ray was married at the time and 2. He was being catfished. He was actually talking to Bryant Coleman, a man pretending to be several women.

Allen says Bryant Coleman “pretended to be a number of attractive women interested in” him. In documents filed Tuesday, Allen acknowledges he communicated with who he thought were those women and that he eventually entered into an agreement with Coleman to not disclose details of those conversations.

Basically, he paid Coleman hush money. But Allen claims, that the man became obsessed with him and his family and began stalking them, posting about his family, even going so far as showing up to his wife’s restaurant and tagging her in a post while he was at the location…

Coleman filed for a restraining order against Allen, with Ray’s lawyer filing for one the day after. In the meantime, all the messy details of Ray’s online lifestyle has spilled into the internet streets. It really does go down in the DM.

I discussed this scenario and others like it in my book, PostGame Pass: access into “the life.” In it, I breakdown how and why athletes end up in scenarios like this.