Power Book II: Ghost’s Shane Johnson Talks Cooper Saxe’s Death & Time On Power Franchise

The character of Cooper Saxe appeared in over 60 episodes across the “Power” universe. The hit Starz crime drama hit TV screens in 2014. Through nine seasons, actor Shane Johnson crafted a careful balance of snark, the law, and obsession to portray one of the most memorable characters in both “Power” and “Power Book II: Ghost.

Cooper Saxe, a tenacious U.S. Attorney based in New York, dedicated his career to a single-minded objective: to see James St. Patrick behind bars. Despite his relentless efforts, Saxe fell short of achieving this goal, which fueled an enduring animosity towards the St. Patrick family and their associates. Originally introduced in the original Power series, his disdain for them took on new dimensions. It escalated in Power Book II: Ghost, where Saxe paradoxically found himself working as Tariq St. Patrick’s defense attorney. In his zealous pursuit to bring down Tariq, Saxe became entangled with prosecutor Jenny Sullivan, with whom he harbored romantic feelings. Together, they committed deceit, document theft, and other unscrupulous acts. Tragically, this treacherous path ultimately led to the demise of Cooper Saxe in episode eight.

In an Instagram Live interview, Johnson recently talked with Jill Munroe and her Power After Plug co-host. Johnson was one of the first guests on our recap show in season one when we first began covering the show on AfterBuzz TV. Johnson reflects on his time with the series and shares his thoughts on how Saxe was murdered – spoiler alert; he didn’t like it. And also provides insight into his early roles and future projects.