Spring Flings: Cam Newton, Daequan Cook & JR Smith have new boos for spring [photos]

Spring has finally arrived in most part of the U.S. that means loves is in the air. That also means it’s time for some of your favorite jocks to reveal their new loves.

Cam Newton was spotted out with his latest boo Hazel. According to Bossip, Hazel is a stripper who works at Stadium in D.C. Of course having a former adult entertainer as your main chick is “in” at the moment. Drake, Wiz Khalifa and rapper Tyga all found love in a strip club. Why can’t Cam?



The next jock to show off his latest love on Instagram? Bulls guard Daequan Cook. Continuing with our “night-life themed spring love topic,” Cook’s newest girlfriend according to Full Court Pumps is a bottle server from Orlando named Carla.



And finally, there are rumors that Rihanna is hooking up with Knicks star JR Smith. Smith was recently spotted at Rihanna’s fight party last weekend for the Mayweather vs. Guerrero match at the 40/40 Club- the same party that Cam and his Boo are pictured at above. And then again this week, living that “creep life” behind Ri at “Greenhouse.” Earlier this season, JR attributed one of his keys to success this year has been avoiding the night life. JR’s play has been down a bit so far in the second round of the series against the Indiana Pacers. Hey JR, don’t forget what happened to Matt Kemp that season he dated her. It wasn’t his best…


Let’s see if these make the cut for summer love.