Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell Instagram Fly Out Fail

In my book PostGame Pass: access into “the life, I gave some tips to professional athletes planning to fly out young ladies they met on social media. Clippers‘ power forward Montrezl Harrell clearly didn’t take our advice.

Harrell met a young lady on Instagram – @_602sam This must have been her first connection with a real “baller,” so she decided to share all the details of the fly out on social media. Harrell flew her out on Southwest airlines – her departure time was conveniently during the Clippers game, so no tickets for her.

And while she didn’t include his name on the posts, she did show off his car – his ex recognized it and shared with her timeline the identity of the mystery players.


Naturally the posts made it back to Montrezl and he Tweeted than deleted the following.