Instagram Model Explains Why She Exposed Alleged DMs From LeBron James

Over the years, Cleveland Cavs star LeBron James has been accused of sliding into a few young ladies’ DM’s, or at least liking “perfect booty” posts during his “zero dark 23” social media blackout during the NBA playoffs.

Over the weekend, a young lady named Heidi Hoback – no jokes please – posted a DM she allegedly received from LeBron James. The conversation started over King James’ desire to have the red head teach him how to hunt. Heidi’s Instagram is full of hunting photos.

After the story broke and people accused Heidi of being a snitch and more for sharing the DMs, she decided to make a video explaining why she put the DMs on blast. Heidi claims she isn’t a “LeBron fan” so she didn’t know she was causing drama by exposing his DM. While the conversation doesn’t say anything explicit, some are questioning why a married LeBron would be sliding any where.



Seems like LeBron might have heard about the story, it broke earlier in the day prior to him dropping 57 points on the Washington Wizards.

At this point, its a crap shoot. I wonder how many ladies just engage in conversation instead of taking the DM to social media.

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