What’s Johnny Manziel Rolling? [Photo]

We know Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel likes to party. So, its a no brainer that over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Manziel party like a good portion of America did. Johnny was allegedly asked by the Browns to chill on his partying, but it’s Independence day, surely they didn’t mean that…

But then a photo of him allegedly rolling something in a Vegas bathroom turned up on Busted Coverage. $20 bill? Blunt? tissue for a runny nose? Nobody knows…


Johnny understands the type of attention he gets when he goes out, and that cell phones are always raised to take a photo or get video. Do we really believe he’s that naive?

But, when it comes to him, people get upset by a lot of moves he makes. Last week’s issue, a photo in Beverly Hills of Johnny, Justin Bieber, Tyrese and Floyd Mayweather Jr.