Are Draya Michelle & Orlando Scandrick Breaking Up?


Do we have another break up announcement via social media? One of the tell-tale signs of a break up is the unfollow and of course, the deleting of photos. Add to that, liking or reposting things like this meme.


Over the weekend, Chris Brown and his ride-or-die… maybe, Karruche Tran went through all of the above. But they weren’t the only couple, Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele and her boo, Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick seemed to be experiencing a social media purge as well.

Draya posted 3 cryptic messages that seem to point to a break up.

Of course she later deleted the posts. Orlando posted his own cryptic message, and appears to be deleting photos of Draya also. The last one of the two as a couple on his Instagram is from February.


So then Draya responds with…


But that won’t change the fact that both seemingly decided to do a bit of housekeeping on their accounts… Maybe it’s their “thing.”


Draya Tweets via Bossip