Terrell Owens Thinks He Can Help The Dallas Cowboys


Terrell Owens hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010. This year Owens became eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But TO isn’t thinking about what he’ll rock when he gets that gold jacket someday, he’s still eyeing a return to the gridiron. In his mind, now is the time for a reunion with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys lost star wide receiver Dez Bryant to a foot injury in week 1. Week 2 saw starting quarterback Tony Romo join him on the injured list with a clavicle injury. Terrell thinks he can provide the team with some offense while their main guys heal.

Terrell appeared on The Rich Eisen Show, and said his agent has spoken with the Cowboys about an opportunity despite a “fractured” relationship with he and Jason Witten/Tony Romo.

“We all know what happened when I was there. There were some things said where it kind of may have fractured the relationship between myself and Witten and Romo,” Owens said. “Again, time has passed and hopefully they know I’ve moved on beyond that and hopefully they have. For me, it’s all about giving myself an opportunity. That’s all I really ever wanted.”

“I still probably should be playing,” Owens said. “For me, if an opportunity arises then I’ll entertain it. And why wouldn’t I want to go back somewhere where I felt at home. I know the owner. I loved my time in Dallas.”