Jason Richardson Announces Retirement From NBA


Wednesday night 14-year NBA veteran Jason Richardson announced his retirement.

Today is a bitter sweet moment for me. I’m officially announcing my retirement from pro basketball. I like to thank the organizations and fans in Charlotte, Phoenix, Orlando, Philly and especially The Bay Area for their loyal support the past 14 years. Walking away was the hardest decision I had to make but choosing my health and spending time with my family is more important to me! God bless!

Richardson’s NBA career began in 2001 when he was drafted 4th by the Golden State Warriors. As a member of the 2007 Warriors team dubbed “We Believe,” Richardson along with teammates; Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Baron Davis, Al Harrington, and Monta Ellis, shocked the NBA as an eighth seed dropping the number one Dallas Mavericks. Some of  Richardson’s other teammates in Golden State included Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison, and Larry Hughes.

Richardson still kept the Warriors fanbase engaged through those low years in Oakland, by playing hard every night, despite the team’s losing records.

In 2002, Richardson was ON All-Star Weekend in Philadelphia. He played in the Rookie Challenge, but what we most remember, was his winning performance in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Richardson was assisted on his dunks by Gilbert Arenas and had to endure the dunk wheel selection. Remember when that was part of the contest?

At the end of that season, he made All-Rookie team, and was one of five players to receive a Rookie of the Year vote.

In the 2003 season, Jason was MVP of the Rookie Challenge and won back-to-back Slam Dunk Contests, battling against Desmond Mason.

JRich has a career scoring average of 17.1 ppg. He spent the last two seasons in Philadelphia, dealing with knee injuries and mentoring the never-ending roster of rookies on the Sixers. Jason told Yahoo Sports he wanted to retire on his own terms. He spent an hour on the phone with his wife Jackie, and then another five contemplating his decision.

“I didn’t want to limp the rest of my life. “I still have my whole life in front of me, God willing.